Lew_Starowicz prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz M.D. PhD
President of Polish Sexological Society
national consultant in sexology
szyszkowska-large Prof. Maria Szyszkowska M.D. PhD
Law Philosophy and National Science Department
Law and Administration Department on Warsaw University
beisert prof. Maria Beisert PhD
Vice-chairman of the Polish Sexology Association
face Andrzej Depko PhD
Chairman of the Polish Medical Sexology Association
thumb_dsc_8663a prof. Włodzimierz E. Baranowski M.D. PhD
President of European Society for Health Promotion „Pro-Salutem”
Military Institute of Medicine
Clinic of Gynecology and Oncologic Gynecology
Wróbel Beata Wróbel M.D. PhD
Sexology Medical Centre of Dąbrowa Górnicza
nowosielski Krzysztof Nowosielski M.D. PhD
Fertility Clinic Angelius
hartman prof. Jan Hartman PhD
Collegium Medicum
Jaggielonian University
Kula2 prof. Krzysztof Kula M.D. PhD
Director of Departament of Andrology and Reproductive Endocrinology
ewa-nowak prof. Ewa Nowak-Markwitz PhD
Clinic of Oncological Gynaecology
Poznan University of Medical Sciences
szefowa prof. Barbara Darewicz PhD
Director of Urology Clinic of the University Clinical Hospital in Bialystok
Urology Voivodeship Consultant
51363e3ab3516_k2 Leokadia Jędrzejewska
Secretary of Lower-Silesian District Council of Nurses and Midwives in Wroclaw
Member of ZG Polish Midwives Society