Scientific Patronage


College of Family Physicians in Poland

KLRwP was established to draw up the strategy of implementation of the family doctor institution into the health care system in Poland. Among 34 founder members, we can find parliamentarians like the late Senator Zofia Kuratowska and MP Marek Balicki, university teachers like Professor Maciej Latalski, Professor Tadeusz Tolloczko, Professor Tadeusz Chrusciel and Assistant Professor Rafal Nizankowski and last but not least health care managers and doctors working with patients on a daily basis. The basic assumptions for the College were based on the example of such organizations like the Royal College of General Practitioners in Great Britain, as well as other similar scholarly associations of family doctors in Europe, Canada and the US.


Polish Oncology Union

Polish non-governmental non-profit organization. Takes actions to support the fight against cancer, including bringing together oncologists, organizes specialized courses, workshops and conferences. The main objective of the Polish Union of Oncology is carrying out activities for the implementation of the Law on the National Programme for Combating Cancer, which came into force on November. July 1, 2005, thanks to the efforts of five years working of UOC.


Polish Association of Psychology

The aim of the Society is the development and popularization of psychology as a science and profession, and special attention to it, to the discipline – in line with the humanistic values ​​- people served by the life and maintain your health. What objectives are also creating an environment conducive to the development of social, scientific and educational activities of members and improve their skills and professional ethics, protection of the profession and the ethos of the psychologist expressed concern about the level of ethical and professional practice substantive and psychological care for the interests of users of psychological services; inspire psychologists to make important social and professional organizations, particularly in the field of health promotion, operation and provision of psychological and psychosocial interventions, including assistance for victims of crime, people injured in traffic accidents, victims of catastrophes and natural disasters, those socially excluded or at risk of exclusion and to assist in the protection of personal rights violated or threatened crime.



Polish Association of Urology

The Association is a scientific and socio-professional. The aim of the Association is work on the progress of urology in the Polish Republic, representing the interests of doctors working in the field of urology and members of the Association to the government, unions and local government in the country and abroad, spreading the achievements of science and technology among physicians working in the field of urology and collaborating with urologists, encourage and implement doctors working in the field of urology for scientific work, cooperation with representatives of other disciplines of science and technology for the development of urology, shaping and consolidation of ethical behavior among members of the Association, participation in the organization of urological care for patients in the Polish Republic, participation in setting the agenda and organization of teaching pre-and post-graduate and professional training in the field of urology, the integration of environmental training for doctors working in the field of urology and representation in matters of social and living conditions of its members and all employees and cooperating with urology, and the preservation of traditions and dissemination of knowledge about the history of Polish urology.



Polish Association of Pathologists

The Association is called „Polish Society of Pathologists” in a nutshell „PTP” and scientific society. The aim of the Society is to raise the level of scientific and professional qualifications of the members of the Society, initiating scientific studies in the field of pathology and pathology, supporting scientific creativity, sharing and dissemination of new knowledge, and cooperation in the organization of health and social problem solving with its activities, liaising with the Polish scientific societies and international, concern about the high level of ethical members.



Polish Federation of Food Industry

The educational activity is an important part of the tasks of the Institute to raise awareness and public understanding of the field of food, nutrition, physical activity and their effects on health. Involved in these actions are all substantive units of the Institute, in accordance with the terms of lead multiple training and educational activities, both for professional groups (eg employees of food control agencies, dietitians, food producers), as well as the general public through the mass media and the Center for Promotion of Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity.



Polish Nurses Association

Polish Nurses Association is an association of professional, national, open to all who wish to work for the security profession, patients and professionalization profession. The Society was founded in 1957, PTP is a company of professional, scientific and legal personality. Its activity is based on statute law.



Polish Family Medicine Association

The Society is an organization of interdisciplinary, bringing together all interested family medicine, especially physicians specializing in family medicine. The aim is to promote PTMR latest scientific developments in the broad sense of family medicine and the spread of progress in this area, facilitating the exchange of experiences and information on family medicine, serving as a platform for co-primary care physicians with specialists in various medical disciplines, inspiring practitioners to continuously improve professional skills, to encourage family physicians to creative scientific work and disseminate the results of their research, participation in the development of training programs, the rules on family medicine.