The movement is intended to provide a broad platform for social dialogue and cooperation between people. Anyone who came to deal with the disease, can be used with their knowledge and experience. Altogether, regardless of where they live, can affect positive changes in the Polish oncology. We want Amazon Polish Social Movement has become a strong, serious and representative partner in talks with representatives of the government at various levels and other institutions active in the healthcare system to system solutions proposed, informed about the needs of cancer patients and due to the standards of treatment, to stimulate civic participation in the field of health policy.

Flower of Femininity All-Poland Organization

Feminine Flower is an initiative of the women who fought a battle with the disease and won it. We know the road you have to beat the women who are sick, we know what they need. Strong, bold, red color is our hallmark – as you have the strength and courage to win against cancer. Every woman who is struggling with cervical cancer or ovarian cancer that add strength and courage. We also, however, prevention, access to information, education and awareness of the change in the approach to health not only for the women themselves, but also men. We want to break the taboo, which is to talk about cancer of reproductive organs of women. Our goal is to make as much was said and written about the risks of cancer. Any woman who goes through our actions to the gynecologist, performed by vaginal cytology and ultrasound, will be our success.

„Live Healthy” Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life of Poles by promoting healthy living and fostering broader health education. The Foundation pursues its goals through the organization and funding of sports and family, designed to promote a healthy, hygienic and active lifestyle. In December 2004, the Foundation „Let us live Healthy” was named Leader of the Year 2004 in the category of Health Care: the educational – training for guided educational program „Win with asthma.”


Health Promition Foundation of  dr. Stanisław Kurkiewicz

Foundation for the Promotion of Sexual Health. Dr. Stanislaw Kurkiewicz is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit institution, operating since 2008 established to raise awareness of the importance of sexuality to public health. His mission of the Foundation will be realized by promoting and initiating and providing material support to scientific, medical, educational, journalistic, editorial, legal to develop healthy sexuality of individuals and societies and organization spread, and economic innovation aimed at promoting and implementing tasks of the Foundation. A very important part of the Foundation’s activities are social events, raising the importance of a successful sex life and creating incentive mechanisms to seek help from professionals when such issues arise.


Polish Federation of Food Industry

The educational activity is an important part of the tasks of the Institute to raise awareness and public understanding of the field of food, nutrition, physical activity and their effects on health. Involved in these actions are all substantive units of the Institute, in accordance with the terms of lead multiple training and educational activities, both for professional groups (eg employees of food control agencies, dietitians, food producers), as well as the general public through the mass media and the Center for Promotion of Healthy Nutrition and Physical Activity.


European Center for Health Monitoring