Honorable Patronage


Health Commission of Senate of the Republic of Poland

 In the 3rd Republic of Poland, Sejm constitutes the Lower Chamber of the Polish Parliament. It is composed of 460 members of parliament who are elected in general election, equal, direct,and proportional, in secret voting (five-attributes voting). Term of the Sejm office, according to the Constitution, lasts 4 years.



Health Commission of Sejm of the Republic of Poland

The Senate is the upper house of the Polish parliament. It consists of 100 senators elected in the general election, direct election, and secret voting, in the first-past-the-post of four years’ term of office, which starts and ends along with Sejms’ term of office (if the term of Sejm’s office is shortened, then Senat’s term of office is shortened as well).


International Alliance of Patient’s Organizations

IAPO is a unique, global alliance representing patients suffering from various diseases, and promote a patient health care all over the world. Our members are patients’ organizations who work on the international, regional, national, and local level, in the aim of represent and support the patients, their families, and minders. The patient is everyone who is suffering from chronic disease, kidneys’ syndrome, disability, or any other disorders of the type. The IAPO vision is to put the patients all over the world in the center of health care.


European Society for Health Promotion „Pro-Salutem”

“Pro-Salutem” emerged in 2005 in the aim of propagate and support the idea of healthy lifestyle. Our superior purpose is the desire to influence the society as well as the Country in the direction of activity like also form of pro-health awareness, typical to countries of a high development level. To think ‘pro-healthy’ means to improve one’s health condition on a day-to-day basis. It is possible only by enough and constantly updating education, particularly with respect to prevention and fighting with diseases as well as positive mental attitude. The task had been taken on by “Pro-Salutem”, whose mission is the widely considered “pro-health” education.