Dear Ladies and Gentlemen


 I have the honour to invite you for the scientific conference, entitled as “Sexuality – a key to a couple sexual and reproductive health”, where the Polish version of Female Sexual Index will be introduced by a team of Silesian Physicians. Recommended by the International Sexual Medicine Association medical research appliance, functions as a questionnaire of the women sexual disorders screening, and it eventually got its Polish-language adaptation.


 Thanks to that, every physician will be able to help every patient with problems related to sexual spheres, and send to an appropriate sexologist, who will provide a professional medical help.


The aspect appears to be substantial, owing to the fact that sexual problems afflict 20% of women in Poland. Unfortunately, sexual sphere still remains as the taboo subject.

 The absence of professional information, concerning a woman and her partner, is the reason why many female-patients hide their sexual disorders, unaware of being able to obtain medical help, which would affect positively her sexual health and life condition. On the other hand, physicians do not ask for the spheres as well, because most of the time they are not educated enough; moreover, they do not want to make female-patients embarrassed . Thus, the question lies on two sides.


 The conference organized by us, will let the participants being familiar with the basic information referring to the woman’s sexuality in various periods of her life. Furthermore, it is going to resolve doubts and provide education related to women’s sexual problems, with which physicians still come across in their everyday medical-practice. Hope that participants of the conference will get the knowledge and, consequently, will be convinced that asking for sexual sphere should be an integral part of a medical inquiry. Thanks to that, many women will obtain appropriate help as well as opportunity to improve their sexual life condition.


Prof. Ryszard Poręba M.D. PhD

Chairman of Scientific Committee